Everyone is a Superhero!

This year our district wide elementary theme is Everyone is a Superhero!  In Oneida there is a Superhero in each one of us, and during the 2018-2019 school year, all OCSD elementary schools will focus on making positive choices and giving hope to others focusing on the motto:


Own it!

Never give up!

Everybody deserves kindness!

Imagine the impossible!

Dare to be you!

Attitude is everything!

Parents play an important role in their child’s education.  There are many ways to help prepare your Superhero for a successful school year - here are a few tips:

Superhero Attendance

Attendance is a critical factor in any child’s school success.  Superheroes should attend school every day, except in cases of illness or emergency.  It is impossible to replace learning that happens on any school day with makeup work. Regular attendance and promptness are good habits that are expected and appreciated at all levels of schooling.  During the upcoming school year a monthly attendance report will be sent home with each student outlining his/her number of absences and tardies.

Superhero Bedtimes

Awwww, Mom!  Already?  Sound familiar?  Even Superheroes need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.  Sleep is important for many reasons. Lack of sleep can cause kids to be hypersensitive, impatient, or cranky.  It is more difficult for Superheroes to concentrate and learn when they are tired. (Some doctors even believe that during sleep the brain “files away” what is learned during the day.)  Encouraging quiet activities - such as reading - just prior to bedtime offers a transition that helps Superheroes relax. Sweet dreams!

Superhero Choices

According to Jim Fay, author of Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, giving your Superhero choices is more effective than making demands.  He suggests…

  • Never give choices if it might cause problems for you or someone else.

  • Give only two options for each choice, both equally okay with you.  For example, Would you like peas or carrots?  or  Do you want to do homework now or in 15 minutes?

  • If your Superhero doesn’t decide within 10 seconds, make the choice for him or her.  

Adapted from Educationworld.com

The 2018-2019 school year will be filled with exciting challenges and opportunities for all of our elementary Superheroes. Here’s to a great year!


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